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Double Room Non A/c Rs.1300
Single Occupancy Non A/c Rs.1250
Double Room A/c Rs.1700
Single Occupancy A/c Rs.1650
Luxury Suits Rs.2000
Additional Guest Charge Rs.300
Government Taxes Applicable  
Service Charges @ 10% on Room Rents  
Check-in / Check-out 24 hrs

Complete package for Travel and Tours is offered to Foreign Visitors

Special Discount @ 30% on Room Rents for Corporate Booking, Bulk Booking and for Individual Customers booking through our.

12 fifa world cup jerseys host city in Brazil playing field and officials in charge of the training ground to inform the media of the 14th venue turf conditions and ensure the turf during the World Cup to reach the best condition.

Ms. Kuhn believes is responsible for preparing the stadium, the Brazilian World Cup preparations for the biggest challenge is the diversity of the climate in the north and northeast tropical climate, and relatively cold winter in the southern region, we need another method of preparation. She said:"Although unlike Europe in the winter as it will appear here in the winter frost in the southern regions and therefore on the basis of Sao Paulo are the cold turf and grass seed sown this is not a new technology, in the South. Augrain Texas and Parana have been using this technology for 20 years, to solve the problem is to let the two grass together, let the world cup 2014 jerseys feel when running on top of the foot is homogeneous lawn."

Although this project is not simple, but ITAR Gellar stadium in Sao Paulo, Curitiba downtown stadium pitch and duration Lull postponed, not yet completed, but the work has been completed planting lawns. Kuhn said:"This grass has been planted three venues, now leaving only venue in the middle of some construction machinery space occupied, etc. These cranes leave these fifa world cup 2014 spaces can start planting."

On the day of the Forum, the Brazilian World Cup organizing committee assurance to the venue during the World Cup there will be no long grass good condition. He said:" I ​​do not see any risk in this regard, if there will not be a problem because the planting date caused."

said that the World Cup organizing committee has been in three and a half hours on these sites to be monitored monthly, from now on, to check on the venue will be changed every 15 days to ensure that all the grass used during the World Cup have reached the best conditions.

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